About Us

Bait Ali is a camp & rest area in the heart of Wadi Rum, based on the edge of the new Wadi Rum Nature Reserve with outstanding surrounding views of the Moon Valley.

Bait Ali is well signposted & easily accessible by all vehicles from the main Wadi Rum road – about 15 Km from the desert highway turns off at “Ragdia” – half an hour from the Red Sea port of Aqaba.

It was hand built by its Jordanian owners in the Bedouin Arabic tradition over a period of four years using mostly natural materials from the direct surroundings.

It provides clean, modern facilities yet keeps the essence of a Bedouin / Arabian camp both in its architecture, layout and homely atmosphere.

Together with its large modern kitchen Bait Ali has traditional Bedouin tented areas modern hot showers and toilets, terraced areas with “zerb oven” bar facilities a small shop & bazaar and of course plenty of room for camping whether in tents or in our small traditionally finished bungalows, its normal daily capacity is from 90 up to 150 persons.

Accommodation is in either tents or chalets; all provided with proper beds, clean sheets and warm blankets. The shower (hot water) and toilet blocks have modern facilities and are clean and airy.

There are plenty of different landscaped shaded seating areas together with 2 large Bedouin type tented areas with their integral seating and, of course, central fires. All of this is contained within the secure central compound with impressive surrounding views and wonderful sunrise and sunset viewing from the small mountain backdrop to the camp.

In addition Bait Ali has a large paved dance area and stage in the style of a small amphitheater built in the lee of the mountain. The swimming pool has been operational since spring 2006.

The amphitheatre is the newest location build in the area.  With its seating capacity for nearly 3,000 spectators thanks to the 10 rows of “cavea” (terraces) and 2,000 standing places, it is the biggest location in the area, and the first private amphitheatre in Jordan.

If these activities don’t appeal we also have quad bikes & land sailing, kites (and Frisbee) jeep trips, bikes, camels (and horses for the more experienced equestrians) or just beautiful walks through the surrounding areas.

For the more adventurous, how about hot air ballooning and micro lighting? Perhaps even parachuting! All directly from Bait Ali.

Bait Ali is not just a base from which to see Wadi Rum, but an ideal place with a difference for a weekend with friends or family, wedding, parties, events, all sports activities or just a wonderful place to relax.

Please do not hesitate to enquire or just pass by any time,
Ahlan wa Sahlan!


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