Organic Farm

Bait Ali’s organic farm is currently under development at the northern end of the camp.  We started this enterprise by setting up a small aquaponics unit (growing fish and vegetables in a recirculating system) in summer 2012, and since then have been expanding our food production operation year on year, with trees, forage crops, vegetable gardens and livestock.  We hope to be producing the vast majority of the fruit and vegetables used in the restaurant within the next couple of years. 

At Bait Ali farm, we are committed not only to chemical free agriculture (better for your health AND better for the environment), but also to water conservation, soil improvement, biodiversity protection and enhancement and pioneering novel, cutting edge techniques in sustainable farming for desert climates.  In this way we reduce both the carbon and water footprints of our business, whilst offering our guests healthier, fresher and more delicious food. 

We have developed our farm in cooperation with Wapatoo (, specialists in ecological solutions.  We are now periodically offering courses in permaculture, agroforestry and aquaponics for those who want to learn with us! 

Visit our facebook page ( to learn more about this exciting enterprise and check for upcoming courses!   


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