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The amphitheatre is the newest location build in the area.

With its seating capacity for nearly 3,000 spectators thanks to the 10 rows of “cavea” (terraces) and 2,000 stand places, are the biggest location in the area, and the first private amphitheatre in Jordan.

The amphitheatre was designed so that everyone had an unrestricted view of the stage.

Suitable for theatre representations, festivals, fashion shows, disco etc. can offer also bar services (Hubble-bubble, juices, coffee, tea, snacks, ice-cream etc.) and modern toilets.

The power supply can fit the state-of-the-art requirements, necessary for any kind of event.

During the night, the amphitheatre take the benefits of 6 (six) PL tube floodlight with parabolic reflector with Lexan lens.

We are waiting for you to join us on the next events.

The first event, hosted on 03 July 2009, gathered almost 3,000 peoples to view the Fares Karam Show.


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